IP Strategy

In today’s business world, the presence or absence of intellectual property rights (IPRs) can make or break technology-based companies. It is for this reason that the management of IP portfolios is becoming a core responsibility within these companies, regardless whether they are startups or multinational corporations.

A major task within the field of IP management is to develop a patent strategy that ensures a company’s patent portfolio is of a high quality and of the right size to really support the company’s business and R&D goals

Being able to generate IP assets is one thing, extracting value from a company’s IP assets is another thing. We assist companies in increasing their return on investment in IP assets.

Any IP firm is expected to draft and file patent applications, but very few have the actual hands-on experience to provide strategic IP advice. Our attorneys have ample experience in IP management and the provision of tailor-made IP strategies. We have been working in private firms as well as in multinational corporations such as Shell, Siemens, SKF, Volvo and Burmah Castrol.

We provide strategic advice in a practical manner and can work with you to provide a new focus on your present and future intellectual property assets with emphasis on extracting value from these assets.

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