Our partnerships with clients and foreign associates should be based on trust; consistent quality; personal, timely and effective communication; and integrity. We will work hard to achieve that.

1. We are specialists in European patent law.

We focus on European patents and unitary patents which we expect to become available shortly, as well as Dutch national patents. We are seasoned European patent attorneys with many years of experience in all types of procedures before the European Patent Office and the Dutch Patent Office; we are also well versed in the new procedures for unitary patents.

2. We understand our associates’ and clients’ needs

We provide high quality services at reasonable cost. We have hands-on industrial experience and are familiar with difficult issues that arise as a result of important differences between national patent laws. For example, the issue of added subject matter needs sensitive handling at an early stage. We are pragmatic and transparent about what is and is not possible, and provide risk assessments and financial estimates, enabling strategic decisions to be made in the early phases.

3. We provide a responsive service

We generally respond to new instructions or questions from our foreign associates and clients within a working day. We forward communications from patent offices as soon as possible, ensuring that timely responses can be filed without incurring additional fees.

4. We can function like an in-house counsel

We assist clients in defining their strategic IP objectives and developing tailor-made IP strategies. Together with our clients we can develop annual IP budgets based on current IP portfolios and clients’ future IP needs. We can also provide in-house IP managers on a secondment basis.

5. We have an extensive network of foreign associates

We work with a network of foreign associates from all over the world. Our associates are selected on the basis of high quality, responsiveness and reasonable fees.