Strategy development

An IP strategy is a framework of decision-making processes and procedures which aims to ensure that the company’s IP activities are tailored to the company’s business needs. It should set out the strategic objectives behind the company’s IP portfolio and its IP activities and how these strategic objectives will be realized.

We assist companies in developing IP strategies that support their business goals.

Alignment of strategies and Portfolio management

An IP strategy should support a company’s R&D and business strategies. At Mainstay IP we facilitate alignment of these strategies.

We help determining the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s IP portfolio and opportunities and threats vis-à-vis competitors. Our tools will enable companies to operate commercially whilst reducing the risk of major IP threats and disputes in the marketplace.

Value extraction

Patents are relatively expensive so they should add value to the company’s bottom line and increase a company’s competitive edge. To enable value extraction from IP assets, the business context in which a company works should be understood, and the needs and objectives of the business.

Our experience and licensing expertise will help your company in extracting value from your IP assets.